Mar 04

Atlanta Chimney Sweep

Giving immediate attention to the damages in the important parts of the home is very important. Not only that you would save a lot on repair service charges but also you would prevent any accident that may harm the members of your family.


Apply this using on the new brick and then tuck the brick into the right position. Press a 2 x 4 wood piece against the wall to ensure that the brick is set correctly with the ones around it. Apply mortar over the joint to seal the new brick off completely. Check the chimney for holes and seal these holes using refractory cement. You can apply them over joints using a trowel or a gloved hand.

Stop Drafts. Walk around your home looking for any areas that are not well sealed. This should include doors and windows, as well as walls, foundations, ceilings, etc. Any gaps should be filled with caulk, expandable foam, or insulation. If needed, replace weather stripping around doors and caulk around windows.

An existing chimney or a new flue or chimney installation must be given a visual inspection to check that it is in good order, clear of obstructions and is of a suitable size and type for the appliance you plan to install. If you are handy with tools and have a good understanding of how fireplaces and chimneys work, you may be able to do most of the liner work yourself.

It is also possible for the flue to become damaged just because of natural use. Some of the gases drawn out of the chimney are very corrosive and can damage the flue over time. You do not want some of these gases to find their way back inside your home, so chimney inspection repair is vital in this situation.

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Animals can be a nightmare in a fireplace; not only for the homeowner, but for the poor ol’ Chimney Sweep that has to get them out! I have taken out squirrels, birds, ducks and even released an Owl which had been trapped for several days within the Chimney. Worst of all, I once opened a damper and had a live black snake fall into my lap while sitting in the firebox! If you want to see land-speed records set…let a snake fall into my lap; I can promise you, you have never seen a six-foot, one-inch, 235-pound, former Marine, squeal like a little girl and outrun any deer in your county. So, do yourself–and the Chimney Sweep–a favor and put a Cap on it!