Mar 06

Concrete Structure Repair Work Tips

Leaking Roofs: Old roofing materials can expose the roof deck to water intrusion and damage especially around chimneys and exhaust fans. Old shingles will curl and crack, allowing moisture intrusion. Cracked chimney caps allow water into interior areas of the chimney. Flat roof drains can clog and hold water on the roof, increasing the risks of a leak and a possible collapse of the entire roof under the weight of the water.

If you are painting raw wood, you will need an alkyd primer. And for problem walls that have water stains, mildew, etc. you will need a stain-killing primer/sealer. One popular brand is KILLZ. Primer is applied just like paint. Allow to dry for the recommended time. Latex paint primer generally dries in an hour or so, while alkyd primers and KILLZ take longer.

Roof repair caulk. This caulk is a butyl rubber/asphalt formula that works well on roofing, skylights and for sealing flashing. It can also repair small areas in asphalt. It is weatherproof and waterproof and can be used on wet and dry surfaces. This caulk can also be painted. It requires mineral spirits for clean-up.

If you do not take action so that you home can have basement waterproofing, water intrusion will be high and you can expect to have molds and mildew in and around your basement and other areas of your home. This can then compromise the integrity of your home, your house’s foundation, and put lesser value on your place. Most of the time foundation repair cost estimate is not enough. You really have to nip the problem in the bud before it even happens.

An additional way to destroy ants is by using something known as diatomaceous earth. Ants perish when they come in contact with the application. Ants die because this product withdraws any moisture throughout their bodies. This is useful in sections like basements and around house foundations. This might help eliminate your ant problem even before it starts up.

Problem: Owner of 1 acre lot of land cannot afford to cover the costs of sub-division so must sell as it is because his wedding day is looming and he needs the money. Will accept 25% less then value for quick sale.

Clogged up gutters do not perform their job properly. Instead of channeling water away from the house, the water overflows wherever it can and wrecks any landscaping around the house. But, over time, the water erodes the dirt around the base of the house and foundation problems begin. Cracking walls and water in the basement can result from gutters not doing their job.

If, after clearing the site, you’ve become confident in the mini digger then you can dig the foundations yourself. As a rule the dig level should be approximately 1000mm below finished floor level unless ground conditions require it to be more. This 1000mm consists of the 300mm foundation thickness, 150mm standard concrete floor thickness, 75mm floor insulation and 450mm of block work (dead work) from top of foundation to underside of floor.