Mar 18

Acquiring Rust Out Of Your Upholstery

Pros: Looks like real wood siding without any of the required maintenance. Is available pre finished or paint- ready. Trim and millwork pieces are available to match. Comes in a variety of styles such as cedar shake, or board and baton. It is not prone to insect damage or to rot and is not easily damaged by hail. Cement fiber siding also has a very long warranty, some products up to 50 years.

Now here comes the million dollar question. How do you the contractor know what to ask for, or how to choose the right blade? Let’s understand this. Most of the local suppliers around the country that sell diamond blades are not experts. They carry blades to fill and support your needs and for them to make sales. But they are far from experts and they do not carry the variety of products to support everyone’s needs. That’s not their business. They sell diamond blades as brick stains an accessory item. It is usually one blade that will serve the purpose of most people.

brick stains

Take the time to teach your children the importance of not touching the hot fireplace. Start while they are very young so they understand that the fireplace is off limits. Fireplace gates and other safety measures can only go so far in protecting your children from burns. If they learn the danger of fireplaces while they are young, they will understand to stay away from the fire when they are at other homes without a fireplace gate.

Drop a slice of lemon into your garbage disposer to sweeten it. Dip a lemon wedge into baking soda and use to scour copper pots. Dried lemon peel can be used alone or in conjunction with cedar or lavender to make moth repellents and closet fresheners. Use lemon juice and salt to remove stains from brick from clothing and surfaces. Mix a little lemon oil and olive oil together and use to polish and buff wood furniture.

You see, I’m a brick and stone Mason, which I have always been proud of. My association with Bob Yeager and the WEST program has taught me that I am not a Bricklayer, I am a human being that chose the Masonry Trade as a way to make a living. One of the best gifts of all has been the association with other members of the WEST program too. We really are a community.

Now that I am involved in a new occupation as an Online Marketer, I have found that my old approach to business will not work. Learning this lesson hasn’t been easy, but I promise you, it has been one of the most valuable lessons of my life. For that I will always be grateful.